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Customer inquires about repair and replacement of X-ray collimator

Customers see the X-ray collimator promoted by our company on the Newheek website and call for consultation. The customer said that their current X-ray collimator was broken and they wanted to repair it and replace it.
We first confirmed to the customer that they are currently using a fixed X-ray machine, and asked the customer if he could tell us about the product parameters of the X-ray collimator. The customer said he couldn’t tell. We asked the customer if it is convenient to add WeChat. The labels of the X-ray collimator and tube are taken and sent. We recommend the NK202 X-ray collimator according to the parameters. As shown in the figure, this X-ray collimator is suitable for a fixed X-ray machine 150kV For the tube, we send the product technical parameters to customers for reference.

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