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Principle of X-ray collimator

How much do you know about the principle of X-ray collimator? X-ray collimator, also called beam limiter, is an electromechanical optical device installed in the output window of the tube sleeve of the X-ray tube assembly. X-ray collimator is mainly related to The tube is connected, and the function of the beam beam is to perform positioning when setting up, simulating the radiation area of X-ray, which can reduce the radiation dose of the patient and enhance the image quality. The principle of the X-ray collimator is to control the irradiation field of the X-ray bulb tube output line under the premise of satisfying the X-ray imaging diagnosis, so as to minimize the projection range and avoid unnecessary doses. And can absorb some scattered light to improve image clarity. In addition, the X-ray collimator can also indicate the size of the projection center and the projection field of view. Therefore, the X-ray collimator is an indispensable auxiliary device for X-ray irradiation and protection.
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