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The technical elements of the beamer

On the one hand, a light source device is proposed, which is used for a beamer of an X-ray tube, which is characterized by comprising: an LED lamp; a convex lens arranged outside the LED lamp for emitting light to the LED lamp and a filter plate, the central portion of which includes an aperture for allowing the light beams condensed by the convex lens to enter the beamer through the aperture.
Optionally, the size of the aperture of the filter plate is consistent with the size of the focal point of the X-ray tube.
Optionally, the LED lights are arranged on a printed circuit board, and the color and brightness of the LED lights are controlled by control signals on the printed circuit board.
Optionally, a heat sink is provided on the other side of the printed circuit board opposite to the LED lamp.
Another aspect of the present invention provides a light beamer, which is matched with any of the above-mentioned light source devices, and the filter plate is arranged on the outer surface of the light beamer.
In another aspect of the present invention, a medical device is provided, which includes any of the above-mentioned light source devices and the above-mentioned light beamer.
By adding a convex lens with a concentrating effect, the luminous power of the LED lamp is reduced, and the luminous temperature is also reduced, and a heat sink that is simplified to be attached to the LED module (for example, attached to the back of the printed circuit board where the LED lamp is located) can be used. To achieve the heat dissipation function, the structure of the heat dissipation device is simplified, the fan component is omitted, and the cost can be effectively saved. In addition, by adding a filter plate, not only can the edge of the visible light field and the edge of the X-ray field be precisely consistent, but also can shield the light field from cluttered light irradiation and reflected light pollution, which greatly improves the contrast of the edge of the light field and ensures the visible light field and X-ray field. High consistency. At the same time, the convex lens can change the optical path and shorten the distance between the light source and the reflector, thereby reducing the external space occupied by the beamer. In addition, the LED light uses a special LED control board to control the current of the input signal terminal to realize the adjustable color and controllable brightness of the LED light to meet the diverse needs.
The beamer is composed of these technical elements and accessories.


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