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X-ray collimator with LED light

The X-ray collimator is equipped with LED lights, which can continuously and steadily adjust the length and width of the irradiation area within the specified range. This series of X-ray collimators are simple in structure, easy to install and adjust. Using this X-ray collimator can effectively reduce the influence of scattered rays and defocused rays, and reduce harmful radiation to patients and operators. It is matched with the X-ray tube assembly to adjust and limit the X-ray radiation field.
The NK202 collimator is suitable for the X-ray tube assembly of X-ray machines. The preset radiation area can be opened and closed manually. In order to adjust the X-ray collimator quickly and effectively, there are two knobs on the collimator panel, which are adjusted to the width and length of the radiation area, which is very convenient to operate.
Seeing this, everyone has an understanding of the calibration and adjustment steps of the X-ray collimator. If you are interested, come and consult us!



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