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X-ray collimator type

According to the driving mode of X-ray collimationlead leaf opening and closing, it can be divided into the following types. 1. Manual X-ray collimation: Manual X-ray collimation is mostly used in photography. The opening and closing of the lead leaf of the X-ray collimation shielding line is realized by manually adjusting the knob or pulling rod on the X-ray collimation. In addition to the above-mentioned internal structure, there is also an irradiation field indicator system. It uses an indicator bulb to simulate the focal point of the X-ray tube, and replaces the X-ray with visible light, which is reflected by a reflector and hits the bed surface. The reflected visible light optical path is consistent with the optical path after the X-ray penetrates the mirror, so it can indicate the size of the irradiation field in advance. Since the life of the indicator light is relatively short, the lighting of the indicator light is controlled by a button switch, which can be turned off by itself within 15s~1min. 2. Electric X-ray collimation: Electric X-ray collimation is mostly used in fluoroscopy, which is convenient for remote control, and is an indispensable component for remote control gastrointestinal beds. The opening and closing of the electric X-ray collimating lead leaf is generally driven by a micro DC motor, and the forward rotation, reverse rotation and running time of the DC motor can be properly controlled, and the irradiation field can be adjusted to the required size. The adjustment of the electric X-ray collimation irradiation field is carried out on the X-ray collimation and control on the console beside the bed. In addition to continuous adjustment, the latter also has a variety of fixed-size irradiation field options. Buttons, as long as these buttons are pressed, the motor will drive the lead leaf to move to the selected irradiation field and then be fixed to meet the specific requirements of photography.
3. Fully automatic X-ray collimation: There is little difference in structure between automatic X-ray collimation and electric X-ray collimation. The difference is that there is a lead leaf state detection device inside the fully automatic X-ray collimator. In terms of function, as the focal screen distance changes, the fully automatic X-ray collimator has the ability to automatically maintain the size of its irradiation field, which is mostly used for fluoroscopy. In fluoroscopy, in order to prevent the patient from receiving unnecessary radiation and prevent excessive exposure of X-rays to the outside of the fluorescent screen, or outside the image intensifier, the X-ray collimation is limited on the circuit, so that the X-ray collimation field joystick At the maximum opening position, the irradiation field is consistent with the diameter of the input screen of the image intensifier, and with the change of the focal screen distance, the size of the irradiation field can be tracked and controlled, so that no matter how the focal screen distance is changed, the irradiation field will never exceed the input The edge of the screen.

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