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X-ray collimator purpose of use

The X-ray collimator is used to configure the X-ray machine, and the X-ray collimator is used to limit the X-ray source. The digital medical X-ray system and flexible customized configuration fully meet the needs. You can choose single-board multi-function configuration, single-horizontal configuration and double-flat configuration to meet various shooting needs.
The flat-panel detector can effectively increase the utilization rate of X-rays, improve image quality, and reduce dose. The manual X-ray collimator can effectively set the light field soft, low energy consumption, long life and maintenance-free.
Simplify the operation steps and optimize the operation process.
Using an x-ray collimator can reduce the radiation dose and make the image clearer.
Newheek X-ray collimators are divided into two types: manual and electric.
Newheek X-ray collimator can be used by customers with different needs.



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