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A customer consulted about our X-ray collimator

When choosing an X-ray collimator, the appropriate X-ray collimator should be selected according to the type of tube and X-ray machine.
A customer in our X-ray collimator NK103. He wants a quotation for this X-ray collimator. Generally, we will recommend according to customer requirements, but from a professional point of view, we will give customers reasonable suggestions or opinions. Our company’s X-ray collimators have matching tubes or X-ray machines, so we specifically asked the customer about his X-ray machine model and tube KV. His tube is 125KV, X-ray machine For portable X-ray machine, our NK103 x-ray collimator meets his requirements. It should be noted that our NK102 and NK103 X-ray collimators are suitable for 125KV tubes. However, the collimator NK103 is more suitable for portable X-ray machines. The NK102 collimator is suitable for mobile X-ray machines and can also be used for fixed X-ray machines.

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