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Working Principle of X-ray collimator

Newheek’s X-ray collimators NK102, NK103 and NK202 all belong to the manual X-ray collimator, which is the lead plate of the direct manual rotation button opening and closing X-ray collimator. They are mainly used for filming.

The working principle of the X-ray collimator is that X-ray is emitted from the tube and radiated to the surrounding area. However, considering the location of the patient who needs to receive the radiation and the dose needed to receive, the X-ray collimator is added outside the tube window to control the beam.

X-ray collimator is to use buttons to adjust the gap between the lead plate and cover the unnecessary primary radiation emitted by the X-ray Tube, so as to control the size of the beam, so as to change the size of the actual X-ray field.

This is the working principle of the X-ray collimator.

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