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Manual X-ray collimator

With the development of the X ray machine, the x ray collimator has evolved from simple to complex in structure, with functions ranging from single to multi-purpose.
According to the driving method of the beam limiter opening and closing of the beam limiter, it can be divided into manual x ray collimator, electric x ray collimator and fully automatic x ray collimator.
Tell us about the manual X ray collimator today. Manual x ray collimator is mostly used in radiography. This collimator occlusion line is opened and closed by manually adjusting the knob or pull rod on the collimator. The internal structure of the X ray collimator is provided with an illumination field indicating system in addition to the foregoing.
ralco collimatorrectangular collimation x ray scattering limited device
The X ray collimator uses the indicator bulb to simulate the X ray tube’s focus, replacing the X-ray with visible light, and reflecting it onto the bed through the reflection of the mirror. The visible path of the reflected arc is identical to the path of the X-ray penetrating mirror, so it can indicate the size of the field in advance. Since the life of the indicator light is short, the illumination of the indicator light is controlled by a push button switch that can be turned off by itself within 15s-1min. Some indicator lights have two levels of brightness to meet the illumination field indication when the room brightness is high. The mirrors are typically made of silver-plated plastic with an aluminum equivalent of about 0.5 mm and do not affect X-ray imaging.

Also in front of the x ray collimator is a clean, transparent plastic plate with black lines or black dots to indicate the center of the beam. Some x ray collimator is marked with the corresponding field size of the film machine around the knob or the range of the rod movement, mainly for illuminating the field preset before the field indicator is illuminated, so that it can be adjusted quickly after the indicator is lit. The size of the field is good enough to extend the life of the indicator light.

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