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With automatically adjustable collimator

A collimator, also called a beamer, is a device that can adjust the X-ray projection range. Collimators are mainly divided into manual, electric and automatic types.
The beam light device is mainly connected with the tube, and its function is to be used for positioning when setting up, simulating the radiation area of the X-ray machine, which can reduce the measurement of the patient’s radiation and enhance the image quality. In addition, it can indicate the projection center and the size of the projected field of view. Therefore, the beamer is an indispensable auxiliary device for x-ray irradiation and protection.
The manual beamer realizes the opening and closing of the lead-leaf-covered beamer by manually adjusting the knob or lever on the beamer. The collimator with automatic adjustment does not require manual operation or other physical buttons, and the lead leaves can be adjusted automatically by setting parameters. This beamer adopts CAN communication protocol and is mainly used in C-arm X-ray machines with dynamic flat panel detectors. Compared with ordinary beamers, the price of collimators with automatic adjustment is relatively much higher.

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