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NEWHEEK website A hospital in Shaanxi x ray collimator inquiry light device

On July 13, 2022, I received an inquiry about the x ray collimator from a hospital in Shaanxi from Huading website. The beamer picture sent by the customer has no label model. It is recommended that the customer take a photo of the beamer model, so that we can confirm which beamer is our company. Can replace the use of the customer.
X-ray beam optics, that is, devices that confine light.
Beamer classification:
1. According to the structure of the X-ray beam optical device, it is divided into two types: electric and manual.
1) Electric: electric or remote control. The remote control fashion has 2 motors, which are multi-leaf folding type, and a single motor is suspended leaf type. The multi-leaf folding type has a range that can be adjusted up, down, left, and right, but it is only square or rectangular. The range presented by the hanging leaf type can be circular, like some animals and insects. The perspective photography is circular, like a lens.
2) Manual, direct manual control of the closing movement of the leaf, etc. There are 2 rotary buttons left and right.
2. According to the position and use of the x ray collimator optical device, it is divided into short-range control and remote control.
1), remote control: the remote control must be electric (with motor)
2), close control: manual or electric
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