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Which X-ray machine types are suitable for small beam limiters?

The x ray collimator is small in size and easy to move and carry, so the small beam limiter is suitable for portable X-ray machines.

What are the advantages of the portable x ray collimator
The type of X-ray machine has a matching limit on the type of beam limiter, but it is actually the effect of the tube of the X-ray machine on the beam limiter. The tube has 125KV and 150KV, and the high voltage cable and beam limiter have matching types of different technical parameters.

What is the type of U-arm configuration x ray collimator
The small beam limiter is a device that limits the illumination field of the X-ray emitted by the portable X-ray machine tube, and is an important part of the X-ray machine.
Whether it is a portable X-ray machine. Mobile X-ray machines or fixed X-ray machines, their configuration size is different, but the components of the configuration are the same. For different needs, the size of the components of the X-ray machine also directly determines the X-rays that it can be used for. The size and type of the machine.


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