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How do you limit the x ray collimator?

Let us first understand what components in the beam x ray collimator are? Look at the specific debugging method!
Commissioning of the bulb: the longitudinal position, that is, the distance from the mirror, the distance is far, the light field is smaller than the radiation field, and the near light field is larger than the radiation field.
What is the working principle of the manual x ray collimator
The lateral position, if not on the center line of the mirror, the uniformity of the light field and the radiation field is deviated in the lateral direction.
Where does the x ray collimator produce errors
The angle of the bulb itself, here refers to the angle of the filament of the bulb relative to the mirror, affecting the size of the focus of the filament projected onto the mirror, affecting the sharpness of the crosshair. Similar to the case where the bulb filament is projected to the focus of the target surface, the smaller the focus, the clearer the crosshair, the larger the focus, and the more blurred the crosshair. Mirror adjustment of the beam x ray collimator: The angle affects the uniformity of the light field. Reflectivity affects lightness.


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