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What equipment can the collimator be used in?

Friends who have known X-ray collimators will know that its function is to adjust the area of ​​X-ray shooting, but different X-ray collimators have different operation methods. Let’s take a look at X-ray collimators. Classification.
First of all, we can divide X-ray collimators into two categories in terms of operation methods: electric X-ray collimators and manual X-ray collimators. Different operation methods are suitable for different rays.
Electric X-ray collimator is mainly used for dynamic viewing angle, such as remote control of gastrointestinal machine, no need for near-table adjustment, and can be remotely controlled according to the system or other operation methods. The manual X-ray collimator is more suitable for filming, and the beam limiter covered with lead leaves can be opened and closed by manually adjusting the knob or lever on the beam limiter. Its internal structure is also equipped with an illuminated zone indicator system.
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