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Collimators for DRX machines

The collimator and the X-ray machine are like a pair, always glued together. Basically, wherever there is an X-ray machine, it will basically be equipped with a collimator. The collimator produced by our company is also a hot-selling product, and many customers come to consult. One of the most frequently asked questions by customers is whether there are collimators available for DRX light machines.
To explain this problem, it is first necessary to understand the relevant knowledge of the collimator. The purpose of the collimator is to control the irradiation field of X-rays and the amount of radiation. It is also known as the collimator beam limiter. It is divided into manual, automatic and automatic according to the operation. Among them, the portable machine generally chooses the manual collimator, and the gastrointestinal machine chooses the electric collimator. The NK103 collimator produced by our company can be used by mobile X-ray machines. Other models, such as NK102N and NK202, can be used by most different types of X-ray machines, and they can all be used by DRX-ray machines.
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What is the working principle of the manual x ray collimator

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