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What role does an X-ray collimator play in an X-ray machine

X-ray machine collimator equipment produced by our company can be used with X-ray machine.
Today we are going to introduce an X-ray machine parts equipment – X-ray collimator.
First let’s look at the role of the X-ray collimator in the X-ray machine!
The digital X-ray system makes photography more flexible through collimators, and the customized configuration fully meets the requirements.
You can choose single board multi-function configuration, simplex plate configuration, double plate configuration, to meet all kinds of shooting needs.
The plate detector can effectively improve the X-ray utilization, improve the image quality and reduce the exposure dose.
LED manual collimator, fully intelligent irradiation area design, soft light, low energy consumption.
Long service life, no maintenance.
One-button switch control simplifies the starting and closing process and avoids human factors.
More can filter the stray X ray, improve the image quality.
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