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Indonesian customers inquire about our NK202 collimator

Today, an Indonesian customer inquired about the NK202 collimator produced by Huading. As we all know, the collimator is one of the essential equipment on the X-ray machine. NK202 manual collimator can be used in X-ray machines such as U-arms and dual force columns, while gastrointestinal fluoroscopy machines and C-arms usually use NK202 electric collimators.
The NK-202 electric medical X-ray collimator is suitable for tubes with a tube voltage of 150kV, such as vehicle-mounted DR and ordinary X-ray diagnostic equipment. The X-ray irradiation range is rectangular. The product has the characteristics of small size, high reliability and high cost performance. It uses a single layer of two lead leaves and a special internal protection structure to shield X-rays. The irradiation field of the collimator is adjusted by electric mode, and the movement of the lead leaf is driven by a DC motor. , The irradiation field is continuously adjustable.
The NK202 electric collimator control system can be configured by the customer, and can conveniently and flexibly control and display the parameters of the collimator according to the customer’s system alignment control requirements. The visible light field of the collimator uses a high-brightness halogen bulb. The internal delay circuit can automatically extinguish the bulb 30 seconds after the bulb is turned on, and can manually extinguish the bulb when the bulb is turned on, to extend the life of the bulb and save energy. If you need our collimator, please contact us.

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