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What kinds of collimators can be divided into

Many people are curious about the types of collimators and where they are used. Today, I will take you to know.

First of all, collimators are also called beam limiters, which are divided into three categories: manual beam limiters, electric beam limiters, and automatic beam limiters

The manual beam limiter is mostly used in photography. The movement of the lead leaf of the beam limiter is realized by manually adjusting the rotation button on the beam limiter.

The electric beam limiter is mostly used in fluoroscopy, which is convenient for remote control, and is an essential component for the remote gastrointestinal bed.

There is little difference in the structure between the automatic beam limiter and the electric beam limiter. The difference is that there is no lead leaf status detection device inside the automatic beam limiter. If you want to know more about the collimator, please call us! Tel: +8617616362242                                                                                                                                                                       

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