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What is the function of the beamer of the C-arm in orthopedic intervention?

A customer inquired about the function of the beamers light device of the orthopedic interventional C-arm,
Beamer, also known as beam limiter, as the name implies, plays the role of shrinking the beam. The main function is to restrain the X-ray, adjust the X-ray irradiation range and area according to the requirements of the film inspection, so as to prevent the patient from being irradiated by excess rays. The actual operation is to first turn on the light on the beamer, and adjust the knobs in the X and Y directions of the beamer, so that the light of the beamer shines on the film box of the machine, so that the size of the light field is exactly the same as the size of the film. , and then you can shoot. Because the machine must adjust the X-ray field and the light field to a minimum deviation before leaving the factory, this light field plays the role of simulating the invisible X-ray field.
There are two types of beamers produced by our company, manual and electric. The irradiation field can reach the range of 5*5cm–43*43cm, which can meet the use of most small and medium-sized X-ray machines.

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