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What is a manual beam limiter?

X-ray collimator is a device used in X-ray machine to limit the dose of X-ray emitted by spherical tube. Manual beam limiter is the most widely used type of beam limiter at present. Do you know how the manual beam limiter works?
What is a manual beam limiter
The manual beam limiter opens and closes the shade plate of the beam limiter manually. There are two operation modes: knob type and pole type. The adjusting knob or adjusting rod is equipped with the corresponding position irradiation field size indication calibration. In this way, the size of the irradiation field needed for the predetermined distance can be roughly adjusted before the illumination field indicator lights up, and the correct use of the illumination field can shorten the time of lighting.
The difference between manual beam limiter and electric beam limiter is that manual beam limiter requires manual calibration at close range, and electric beam limiter can be operated and calibrated at long distance.
What is a manual beam limiter


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