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What does an X-ray beam limiter do

What does an X-ray beam limiter do? It’s used to simulate X-rays, to convert invisible X-rays into visible light. Beam limiter is to use lead plate with adjustable gap to cover the unnecessary primary rays emitted by the window, so as to control the size of the beam and change the actual X-ray irradiation field. A/B= A/B A is the distance between the focus and the lead plate; B is the distance from the focus to the imaging plane; A represents the opening and closing degree of lead leaf; B represents the size of the irradiation field.

Let me briefly introduce our beam device:
Purpose: Mobile X-ray machine, fixed X-ray machine, mainly suitable for 125 KV X-ray tube
Maximum voltage of X-ray tube: 125 KV
Max. Field: 440 x 440 mm² (SID = 1000 mm)
Bulb: 24 V / 100 W
Single light bulb time: 30 s
Lead leaf (optional) : 1 layer
Lead leaf control mode: manual
Input power: 24 V AC
SID measurement with soft tape: Yes
Dimensions: 223 (W) x 185 (L) x 87 (H) mm
Weight (excluding cable) : 5.5kg
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