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What does a collimator look like

Collimator: Also called beam limiter, it controls the X-ray to display the appropriate irradiation field. It is installed in the window of the X-ray tube assembly to shield unnecessary original emission lines and minimize the patient’s irradiated area.
The collimator is used on the X-ray machine to control the measurement of X-ray emission. It has a square shape. Some collimators also have a caliper and a knob on the outside.
The collimator is a component of the radiation head of a medical accelerator. The component that produces the contoured radiation field of a certain shape is called the collimation system, and the component that produces the contoured radiation field of the regular shape is called the regular field collimation system. The regular field refers to a square, rectangular or circular radiation field with a variable size.

X-ray collimator


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