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Introduction of the electric collimator sold by Newheek

The electric collimator is mainly used for fluoroscopy, which is convenient for remote control and is an indispensable part of remote control of the gastrointestinal tract. The opening and closing of the front blade of the electric collimator is usually driven by a micro DC motor. By appropriately controlling the forward rotation, reverse rotation and running time of the DC motor, the exposure field can be adjusted to the required size.
The electrical adjustment of the radiation field of the electric collimator is controlled both in the collimator and on the bedside table. In addition to continuous adjustment, the latter also has various fixed-size radiation field option buttons, just press the button , The motor is driven to guide the blade to move to the selected fixed radiation field to meet the specific requirements of photography. Since the input screen of the image intensifier is circular, it usually adopts a front guide vane structure in the form of a blade, which makes the diameter of the irradiation field continuously change under the operation of the motor.



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