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Types and uses of X-ray collimators

What are the functions of the X-ray collimator? The X-ray collimator is an indispensable part of X-ray diagnostic equipment. It is installed at the tube X-ray exit port (ie tube sleeve window) to limit the X-ray field of view within the required range and block A device that scatters rays to reduce the damage of x-rays to patients, also known as beam beams.
Commonly used in the following situations:
In the X-ray therapy machine, when the diseased cells are irradiated for treatment, it is used to block X-rays and protect normal cells from the damage of the rays.
During fluoroscopy and photographic inspections, protect the non-inspected parts. In the above two cases, the size, shape and quality of the X-ray irradiation field are adjusted through the control of the X-ray collimator.
The disadvantages of traditional medical X-ray collimators are:
The condition of the inspected part cannot be monitored in real time. During the examination, certain examination positions are not easy to maintain for a long time, and the doctor returns to the control room to perform exposure operations after setting the position, and does not intuitively perceive the changes in the examination position, resulting in tail shadows or suboptimal images Posture photography makes it difficult for clinicians to judge the lesion;
The accuracy of manually adjusting the X-ray collimator to change the size of the ray field is not high. The doctor manually rotates and adjusts the X-ray collimator knob at the examination bed to change the ray field. The uneven force will increase the mechanical error during rotation and cause the accuracy of the ray field to be low; (3) Remote control to adjust the error of the ray field Larger. Remote adjustment of the ray field by operating the handle cannot observe the size of the ray field in real time. The projection error of x-rays is large, causing unnecessary radiation to the patient’s normal tissues, reducing the doctor’s work efficiency and prolonging the recovery period of mechanical costs.

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