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Customer inquires about the replacement of the X-ray collimator used in the X-ray machine

Recently, I received a customer inquiry about the X-ray collimator. The customer said that the X-ray collimator he used before was broken, and the cost of finding someone to repair it was also very high, so he simply found us and bought a new one to use. First of all, the X-ray collimator is an important equipment to help the filming machine imaging. According to the driving method of the opening and closing of the guide vane of the X-ray collimator, the X-ray collimator can be divided into the following types:
Manual X-ray collimator: Manual X-ray collimator is mainly used for photography. By manually adjusting the knob or lever on the X-ray collimator, the opening and closing activities of the lead wire of the X-ray collimator cover can be realized. In addition to the above internal structure, it also has an irradiation field indicator system.
Electric X-ray collimator: Electric X-ray collimator is mainly used for fluoroscopy, convenient for remote control, and is an indispensable part of gastrointestinal remote control. The opening and closing of the toe beam of the electric X-ray collimator is usually driven by a micro DC motor, and the forward rotation, reverse rotation and operation time of the DC motor are appropriately controlled, and the irradiation field can be adjusted to the required size .
Automatic X-ray collimator: The structure of an automatic X-ray collimator is not much different from that of an electric X-ray collimator. The difference is that the automatic X-ray collimator is equipped with a lead leaf status monitoring device. With the change of the focal screen distance function, the automatic X-ray collimator has the ability to automatically maintain the size of its irradiation field, which is mainly used for fluoroscopy.



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