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Two types of collimators produced by Newheek

The line collimator is divided into manual collimator, electric collimator and automatic collimator. Manual collimator for filming machine and electric collimator for fluoroscopy machine.
With the continuous upgrading of DRX optical machines, mobile phones are now mainly used, so there are two specifications of collimator using mobile DR, one is long focal length, the other is short focal length. As we all know, the collimator is an X-ray tube assembly equipment with optics installed in the front output window. Its main function is to meet the needs of X-ray imaging and diagnosis, filter stray light to improve imaging quality and control radiation area, etc. effect. The projection range can be minimized under demand to avoid unnecessary radiation dose. Therefore, the collimator can limit the trajectory of the x-ray, and finally absorb some scattered light to improve the clarity of exposure.



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