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The configuration of different types of X-ray collimators in X-ray machine parts

Our company specializes in the production and sales of x-ray machines and supporting equipment. Today I will introduce to you one of the indispensable parts of X-ray machine, “X-ray collimator”, also called X-ray beamer. So what role does the X-ray collimator play in the X-ray machine?
The X-ray produced by the tube is adjusted by the X-ray collimator to adjust the size of the irradiation field, and the visible light is used to preset the X-ray projection position and area, which can make the shooting more flexible, and the customized configuration fully meets the needs. Different types of X-ray collimators are suitable for different X-ray machines. The principle is roughly the same, but the operation method is quite different.
So what model is the X-ray collimator of the X-ray machine we produce? This X-ray collimator is suitable for all kinds of X-ray machines and fluoroscopy machines, and the image is clearer through the X-ray collimator.
The X-ray collimators sold by us at Newheek are divided into three types: manual, electric and automatic. Therefore, the equipment is produced by our factory, so the price is very affordable, and there are services such as quality assurance and auxiliary installation. If you are interested in X-ray collimators, please contact our business manager.



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