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Trouble phenomenon The beamer does not light up

Failure analysis: some beamers are halogen lamps, and some are LED lamps. The bulb specification of the halogen light beamer is 12V 100W/150W. Due to the high power, it is easy to cause the filament to burn out, and it is a consumable item.
This fault is relatively easy to judge, just need to measure the path of the light bulb, and then measure the DC voltage that powers the light bulb.
The first is a power outage. If the beamer is still working before, the bulb is just broken, the residual temperature of the bulb will be very high, please wait for the bulb to cool down.
Formal dismantling:
1. Remove the two fixed metal bars in front of the beamer, there are 6 in total. This device is a Torx screw, please bring special tools.
2. Please remove one long flat screw on the top and bottom.
3. Unplug the upper and lower two knobs that control the shading plate.
Fourth, after dismantling these, the casing can be taken off. But be careful, some DRs will come with a tape measure, be careful not to break it.
5. Next, disassemble the inside. In fact, at this step, it can be measured to determine whether there is a problem with the power supply or the bulb itself is damaged. Just unplug the connector and test whether the bulb end is connected. This time we are going to change the light bulb and continue to remove the four screws.
6. Unplug the power supply, unscrew the remaining screws, and the light bulb is inside.
7. Unscrew the last two screws, and the light bulb is taken out. The newly purchased light bulb has no base, and is directly inserted into the original base. After completion, the reverse operation is installed.
The code of conduct for power-off operation must be strictly followed.
There is one thing to pay special attention to during the maintenance process – when installing the bulb, do not touch it with your hands!
After the light bulb is lit, during the process of converting electrical energy into light energy, a very high temperature will be generated. The temperature of the filament of the bulb can quickly reach 3000 °C, and the surface glass temperature can also reach 500 °C. Therefore, if you touch the surface glass of the bulb with your hands when replacing the bulb, the left fingerprints (including dust or oil stains) will burn on the glass surface after the bulb is lit. The uneven thermal expansion during heating will affect the lamp. life and even cause the bulb to burst.
Therefore, a new pair of disposable gloves should be prepared during operation. If there are no conditions, use the anti-static packaging of the bulb itself, only expose the pins, and complete the installation through the packaging.
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