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The X-ray collimator purchased by the customer has been shipped

The NK102 X-ray collimator purchased by a company from our Newheek has been shipped. The customer is the maintenance company responsible for the hospital. The radiology department of the hospital was burned out due to a short circuit, including the X-ray collimator necessary for the X-ray machine. The customer finally decided to purchase the NK102 X-ray collimator. What is the beam device used in conjunction with? In fact, an X-ray collimator plus a tube can form an X-ray machine, which is a necessary equipment for medical care in hospitals for imaging through flat-panel detectors. The customer is more anxious to use the X-ray collimator, so we made an urgent request for the X-ray collimator purchased by the customer. After intensive stocking and packing, we finally sent it out! The specific picture is shown in the figure:



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