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The X-ray collimator ordered by a customer in the Philippines is shipped

A Philippine customer ordered a single NK202 X-ray collimator from our company. The product picture is shown in the figure below:
The X-ray collimator ordered by the customer is a fixed X-ray collimator with a maximum voltage of 150KV and one lead leaf (optional). It is an X-ray collimator that can be adjusted manually.
X-ray collimators can be divided into three types according to the operation: manual, electric, and automatic. Generally, it is recommended to choose manual for portable X-ray machines, and electric one for gastrointestinal machines.
In addition, if you want to buy an X-ray collimator, you must master the maximum irradiation field, minimum irradiation field, voltage and lead leaf control mode of the X-ray collimator. If you happen to need an X-ray collimator, please contact us and we will recommend an X-ray collimator that is more suitable for you.

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