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The X-ray collimator is equipped with LED lights

The X-ray collimator is equipped with LED lights, which can continuously and smoothly adjust any size within a specified range. Rectangular X-ray radiation field. This series of X-ray collimators are simple in structure and easy to install and adjust. The use of this X-ray collimator can effectively reduce the influence of scattered rays and out-of-focus rays, and reduce harmful radiation to patients and operators.
It is matched with X-ray tube assembly for adjusting and limiting X-ray radiation field.
The NK202 X-ray collimator is suitable for use with the X-ray tube assembly of the photographic bed, and the lead door is manually opened and closed.
In order to effectively select, combine and adjust the X-ray collimator, on the collimator panel, there are sizes corresponding to all X-ray field ranges under various distances from the focus to the image receiver, allowing the operator to pass Adjust the vertical and horizontal knobs to determine the X-ray field range suitable for normal use according to the distance before loading.

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