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Newheek’s electric X-ray collimator

Newheek electric X-ray collimator is suitable for tube voltage 150kV, vehicle-mounted, DR digital and ordinary X-ray diagnostic equipment, and the X-ray irradiation field is rectangular. This product complies with the relevant national and industry standards, and has the characteristics of small size, high reliability, and high cost performance.
The electric X-ray collimator belongs to an optical element used for input and output of optical fiber communication optical devices. Its structure is very simple-the divergent light from the optical fiber becomes parallel light (Gaussian beam) through a similar convex lens in the front. Its function is to make the coupling of light into the required device with maximum efficiency or as easy as receiving the optical signal with maximum efficiency.
Main technical parameters of 202 electric X-ray collimators:
X-ray leakage: <1mGy/h (150kV, 4mA)
Distance from X-ray tube focus to beam limiter installation surface: 60mm (adjustable according to different tubes)
Maximum irradiation field: 43 cm X 43 cm (SID=1m)
Minimum irradiation field: <5 cm X 5 cm (SID=1m)
Visible light field brightness: >140 lux (SID=1m)
Light field consistency: <2%@SID
Inherent filtration: 1 mmAl /75 kV
Optical field control DC motor control input 24 VDC/1A
Light field lamp power input: 24 VAC/150W
Dimensions: 186 × 230 × 145 mm (length × width × height)
Weight: 7.2 kg
1. LED wild light
2. Power input AC or DC24V/1A
3. External additional filter
4. Special electrical interface and pipe ball interface
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