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The scope of application of X-ray collimator

The X-ray collimator is an auxiliary device of the X-ray machine. In medical situations, it is installed on the X-ray machine connected to the X-ray tube to make the image clearer.
The X-ray collimator is suitable for X-ray machine fluoroscopy, and is suitable for continuous X-ray diagnosis of human esophagus, chest, gastrointestinal tract, abdomen, limbs and other parts. The collimator of the X-ray machine can simulate X-beam positioning, high-quality high-frequency and high-voltage combined X-ray generator, no high-voltage cable design, reduce loss, good X-ray quality, clear images, and pulse perspective. The manual X-ray collimator can rotate the lead plate iris beam limiter to meet the requirements of multi-angle and multi-directional anatomical display.
In addition, the X-ray collimator also has functions such as electric lifting, electric horizontal movement, electric rotation, etc., which truly realizes the way that the electric person does not move, and it is safe and reliable to use. The digital control of the X-ray collimator improves the control accuracy, realizes remote operation, simplifies the work of doctors, and improves work efficiency.

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