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The role of X-ray collimator

X-ray collimator, also called beam limiter and collimator, is an important accessory of X-ray machine. It is installed under the tube to limit the range of X-ray irradiation. When the switch of the X-ray collimator is turned on, a beam of light will be emitted. The place where the light is irradiated is the X-ray irradiation range, which is the place where we need to take a film to detect, so the X-ray collimator also has a positioning function. At the same time, it reduces the emission of stray scattered rays, and reduces the X-ray radiation received by operating doctors and patients.
We at Newheek provide different styles of X-ray collimators. The pictures are as follows, which can meet the supporting use of fixed, mobile and portable X-ray machines, or the replacement of damaged X-ray collimators.

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