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The connection method of the X-ray collimator device

Then we will mainly explain the connection method of the X-ray collimator device.Regarding the X-ray collimator device, we have already explained a lot about the X-ray collimator device. I believe you all know it. What is it, I hope my sharing can help everyone.
The connection between the interface of the collimator collimatorer and the tube. The interface of the X-ray collimator device is connected to the tube:
Chuck type: the screw is twisted out to just jam the chassis of the connecting tube
Screw top type: There is another groove around the disc, the screw is rotated out and directly on the groove, if the screw is loose, the tube can be rotated.
Pure electric collimator light:
Two motors: divided into left and right, up and down, and used on small C. People are cylinders and the cross section is square, but animals and some operations are round, so the design is suspended leaf type.
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