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The role of the DR beam limiter

What is the role of the DR beam limiter? The beam limiter is to use the lead plate with adjustable gap to cover the unnecessary original emission line emitted from the window, so as to control the size of the beam and change the actual X-ray irradiation field. Relationship between focus, lead plate and irradiation field A/B=a/b A is the distance from the focus to the lead plate; B is the distance from the focus to the imaging surface; a indicates the opening and closing degree of the lead leaf; b indicates the size of the irradiation field.

Briefly introduce our beam light device to you:

Uses: Used for mobile X-ray machines, fixed X-ray machines, mainly used with 125 KV X-ray tubes
X-ray tube maximum voltage: 125 KV
Maximum irradiation field: 440 x 440 mm² (SID = 1000 mm)
Bulb: 24V / 100W
Bulb single lighting time: 30 s
Lead leaf (optional): 1 layer
Lead leaf control mode: manual
Input power: 24V AC
SID measuring tape tape: yes
Appearance size: 223 (W) x 185 (L) x 87 (H) mm
Weight (excluding cables): 5.5 kg
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