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Installation and Debugging of Beam Limiter of Medical X-ray Machine

The beam limiter is an electromechanical optical device installed in front of the output window of the tube sleeve of the X-ray tube assembly of the medical X-ray machine. On the premise of diagnosis, minimize the projection range, avoid unnecessary dose, and absorb some scattered rays to improve the clarity of the impact.
The hospital newly installs a medical X-ray machine, and it is necessary to install and debug the beam limiter, so how to do it specifically? Installation When installing, put the beam limiter on the connecting ring of the X-ray tube group, and fix it with four setscrews. When fixing, pay attention that the cylindrical end of the screw should fit well and firmly with the groove on the connecting ring, so as not to limit the beam limiter. The harness falls off. Debugging The beam limiter has been debugged before leaving the factory. After installation and before use, further confirmation is required to eliminate errors caused by improper installation. The debugging method is as follows: 1. After the beam limiter is connected to the X-ray tube assembly, the X-ray Mouth to ground, place a CR plate on the ground directly below, and adjust the focal screen distance to 100cm. 2. Place a scale copper plate at the center of the CR plate, light up the beam limiter bulb, coincide the center of the light field with the center of the scale copper plate, and adjust the range of the light field to 18cm×14cm, which coincides with the rectangle inside the scale copper plate. 3. Small dose exposure. 4. Use the DR machine to read the photo, and check whether the center of the radiation field on the photo coincides with the center of the scale copper plate; check whether the size deviation between the radiation field and the light field on the photo meets the requirements of the national standard. 5. If there is any abnormality, adjust the fixed position of the bulb . (After removing the back cover, adjust the M3 screw of the fixed lamp holder to adjust the light range to coincide with the center of the X-ray field, and then expose after fixing. This link may require multiple adjustments to achieve the desired effect.

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