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The role of DR beam limiter

What is the role of the DR beam limiter? The beam limiter uses a lead plate with an adjustable gap to block the unnecessary original emission rays emitted from the window, thereby controlling the size of the beam and changing the actual X-ray irradiation field. The relationship between the focus, the lead plate and the irradiation field A/B=a/b A is the distance from the focus to the lead plate; B is the distance from the focus to the imaging surface; a represents the opening and closing degree of the lead leaves; b represents the size of the irradiation field. Beamer application: used for mobile X-ray machine, fixed X-ray machine, mainly matching 125 KV X-ray tube using X-ray tube Maximum voltage: 125 KV Maximum irradiation field: 440 x 440 mm² (SID = 1000 mm) bulb : 24 V/100 W bulb Single lighting time: 30 s Lead leaf (optional): 1 layer lead leaf Control mode: Manual x 185 (L) x 87 (H) mm Weight (excluding cables): 5.5 kg. The beam limiter uses these parameters to control the irradiation field of X-rays and the amount of radiation, so that the quality of the photos taken by the X-ray machine is clearer.

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