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The NK-202 X-ray electric Collimator

The NK-202 electric medical X-ray beam limiter is suitable for 150kV tube voltage, vehicle-mounted, DR digital and ordinary X-ray diagnostic equipment. The X-ray field is rectangular.This product conforms to the relevant national and industrial standards, with small size, high reliability, high cost performance characteristics.

A collimator is an input and output optical element of a fiber optic communication optical device. Its structure is simple — the astigmatic light from the fiber is converted into parallel light (gaussian beam) by a front convex lens.Its function is to coupling the maximum optical efficiency into the required device or to accept the maximum optical signal efficiency.


Main technical parameters:

1. X-ray leakage: & LT;1 mgy/h (150 kv, 4 ma),

2. Distance from the focus of X-ray tube ball to the installation surface of the beam limiter: 60mm(adjustable according to different tube balls)

3. Maximum exposure field: 43cm X 43cm (SID=1m)

4. Minimum exposure field: & LT;5 cm X 5 cm (SID=1m)

5. Visible light field brightness: & GT;140 Lux (SID=1m)

6. Light field consistency: & LT;2% @ SID

7. Proper filtration: 1 mmAl /75 kV

8. Optical field control DC motor control input 24 VDC/1A

9. Power input of field light: 24 VAC/150W

10. Overall dimension: 186 ×230 × 145 mm (length × width × height)

11. Weight: 7.2 kg

12. Optional configuration: 1. LED field light

2. Power input AC or DC24V/1A

3. External additional filter

4. Special electrical interfaces and tube-ball interfaces.

After reading this article, I have got a general understanding of the functional parameters of NK-202  xray Electric Collimator. If you want to know more about other questions or prices, please call us.

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