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How is the X-ray collimator device connected and installed?

Through the previous article, we have learned about the role of the X-ray collimator, the use scene of the X-ray collimator, and the design of the X-ray collimator, etc. In the next article, we will mainly explain the connection method of the X-ray collimator. In the following, we will focus on explaining the connection between the X-ray collimator interface and the bulb. The interface of the X-ray collimator is connected with the tube:

Chuck type: the screw is twisted out and it just catches the chassis connected to the tube

Top screw type: There is another groove around the disc. The screw rotates directly against the groove. If the screw is loosened, the ball tube can be rotated.

Pure electric collimator lighter:

1, 2 motors: divided into left and right, up and down, small C used, the person is a cylinder, the cross section is square, but the animal and some operations are round, so the design is a hanging leaf type.

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