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The main role of optical collimator

Optical collimator is an important part of X-ray machine. It is mainly used to limit the radiation range of the X-ray beam, so as to reduce the radiation to patients and realize the multi-slice function of X-ray film. x ray collimator is installed below the X-ray emission window of X-ray tube ball. According to the diagnostic needs, the radiation range of X-ray can be limited within a certain range to reduce the radiation to human body as much as possible.
optical collimator
Its performance is of great significance to improve the automation level of X-ray machine, realize the digital control of the whole machine and reduce the radiation injury to patients.
The symmetrical open and close movement of lead door is realized by using pinion and rack structure, which makes the mechanical structure of optical collimator more compact and improves the positioning accuracy.
Newheek optical collimator is divided into manual and electric. The manual beam limiter has been unanimously satisfied by many customers. The manual optical collimator can adjust the size of the window blade through a manual knob to achieve the purpose of limiting the x light source. The manual optical collimator has a built-in halogen or LED lamp, which can simulate the positioning of the x beam.
Newheek optical collimator is divided into three models of NK102,NK103 and NK202 to meet the requirements of different customers.


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