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Collimator x ray features

Collimator X-ray is an important part of X-ray machine. Its main function is to limit the radiation range of X-ray beam. In order to avoid the injury to human body, collimator X-ray is needed to shield the excess X-ray. In order to reduce the injury to patients, and the dot-chip system to achieve the automation level of the whole machine is of great significance.
Nowadays, most of the x ray collimator are made of steel plate and spray paint, but the biggest drawback of this structure technology is that its weight is relatively heavy, while Newheek collimator X-ray is made of aluminum plate and stainless steel plate, which can reduce the overall weight without affecting the quality. In addition, the anodization and spraying process also increase the product durability, never rust.
collimator x ray
Compared with the traditional drive mode of gear and rack, our collimator X-ray USES synchronous belt drive, which is similar to the track design, which increases the precision of product operation, avoids intermittent and empty return, and effectively reduces the noise generated during the movement, which is a more reasonable choice.
Newheek collimator X-ray has a very high component integration density and a very good wiring structure, which is in line with the prevailing modular design ideas nowadays.
Newheek collimator x ray can meet your different needs. And we can provide quality assurance.


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