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The function of collimator in CT machine

Many people know what the collimator on the CT machine does. Next, I will explain it to you.

The collimator in the CT equipment is an optical element used for input and output of optical fiber communication devices. Its structure is very simple. The divergent light from the optical fiber changes into a parallel light (Gaussian beam) through a similar convex lens in front.

There are two collimators on the CT machine. One is the front collimator at the front of the X-ray tube, which determines the thickness of the CT scanning layer. One is the rear collimator at the detector end. Its slit is aimed at each detector, so that the detector only receives the

Time line, to reduce the interference caused by scattering from other directions as much as possible, in order to effectively

With X-ray, the aperture width of the detector is slightly larger than the width of the collimator before drying. It can reduce the radiation dose to the patient, limit the scanning space range (layer thickness), reduce the scattering line entering the detector, absorb low-energy soft X-ray photons, and balance the energy of X-ray photons.

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