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How to use multi-page collimator

Multileaf collimator is a mechanical moving part used to generate conformal radiation field, commonly known as multileaf grating, multileaf diaphragm, etc., which is widely used in the medical field. In 2000, IEC60976 standard revised IEC976 and IEC977, mainly adding the content of multi-leaf collimator.

According to the movement mode of multi-leaf collimator, there are two types of multi-leaf collimators: manual and electric. The latter is the main form with far greater function than the former; The manual multi-leaf collimator can adjust the radiation field contour by manually driving each blade; The electric multi-blade collimator controls a plurality of micro-motors to independently drive each blade to move independently through a computer to achieve the purpose of dynamic or static shaping of the field.

Multi-leaf collimators usually also need to be used with the secondary collimator of the radiation head, so there are two types of external and internal collimators according to the installation mode of multi-leaf collimators.

Because for most of the target areas with different shapes and sizes, generally only a small number of leaves are within the range of effective radiation field, while the rest of the leaves outside the range of effective radiation field should be combined in pairs to prevent radiation leakage. However, in order to avoid mechanical damage caused by relative collision of paired blades, a small gap is usually reserved. In this way, it is necessary to specify a relatively effective minimum external rectangular field for the conventional treatment collimator of the accelerator, so that it can not only shield the intermittent leakage rays of each pair of incompletely closed blade end faces in the effective field, but also shield the small external rectangular field between adjacent blades, and transmit the corresponding control data to the corresponding control system, so as to realize the automatic setting and following of the minimum rectangular field and the MLC effective field. This is not necessary if there is no leakage between the matched leaves in the conformal field.

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