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The disadvantages of traditional medical X-ray beam limiter are:

(1) The condition of the inspected part cannot be monitored in real time. During the examination process of the patient, some examination positions are not easy to maintain for a long time, and the doctor returns to the control room to perform the exposure operation after setting the position, and does not intuitively perceive the change of the examination position, resulting in a trailing shadow or non-optimal image. Postural photography makes it difficult for clinicians to judge the lesions;
(2) Manual adjustment of the beam limiter to change the size of the ray field is not accurate. The doctor manually rotates and adjusts the beam limiter knob beside the diagnosis bed to change the ray field, because the force is not uniform, which will increase the mechanical error during rotation, resulting in low accuracy of the ray field; (3) The error of the remote control to adjust the ray field is large. . By operating the handle to remotely adjust the ray field, the size of the ray field cannot be observed in real time, and the X-ray projection error is large, causing unnecessary radiation to the normal tissue of the patient, reducing the doctor’s work efficiency and prolonging the mechanical cost recovery period.

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