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Commonly used beam limiters of X-ray machines

What are the functions of X-ray beam limiters? Beam limiter is an indispensable part of x-ray diagnostic equipment. It is installed at the exit port of the x-ray tube of the tube (ie, the tube sleeve window) to limit the field of view of x-ray irradiation to the required range and block scattered rays. A device to reduce x-ray damage to patients, also known as beamer.
Often used in the following situations:
(1) In the x-ray therapy machine, when irradiating the diseased cells, it is used to block the x-rays and protect the normal cells from the damage of the rays.
(2) Protect the non-examined parts during fluoroscopic and photographic examinations. In the above two cases, the size, shape and quality of the X-ray irradiation field are adjusted by the beam limiter control.
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