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Can collimators be calibrated or adjusted to ensure accurate collimation?

Yes, collimators can be calibrated or adjusted to ensure accurate collimation. Regular calibration and maintenance of collimators are important to maintain their accuracy and functionality.
Collimators typically have adjustable blades or diaphragms that can be manipulated to restrict the x-ray beam to the desired area. These blades or diaphragms may have mechanisms such as screws, knobs, or levers that allow for adjustment.
To ensure accurate collimation, radiology departments or facilities often have specific protocols in place for collimator calibration and adjustment. This may involve periodic checks and calibrations performed by qualified personnel or service engineers. During these calibration procedures, the collimator is tested to ensure that the radiation field and light field coincide properly.
The calibration process may involve using specialized tools, such as collimator alignment devices or beam alignment tools, to assess and adjust the collimator’s accuracy.
Regular calibration and adjustment of collimators are essential for maintaining accurate collimation, which helps to minimize unnecessary radiation exposure to patients and improve overall image quality in radiography. Whatsapp:+86 18953613955. Email: service@newheek.com
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