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The collimator is used on the X-ray machine

Beam beamer, also called collimator, is an optical element used for input and output of optical fiber communication optical devices. The structure of the collimator is very simple-the divergent light from the optical fiber becomes parallel light (Gaussian beam) through the similar convex lens in the front. The function of the collimator is to couple the light into the required equipment with maximum efficiency, or as easily as receiving optical signals with maximum efficiency.
The NK-102B collimator is mainly used for mobile X-ray machines and fixed X-ray machines. Mainly used for 125KV X-ray tube.
The main technical parameters of the collimator:
1. Maximum voltage of X-ray tube: 125KV
2. Maximum irradiation field: 440 x 440 mm² (SID = 1000 mm)
3. Light bulb: 24V/100W
4. Single lighting time of the bulb: 30s
5. Lead leaf (optional): 1 layer
6. Guide vane control mode: manual
7. Input power: 24V AC



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