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The advantage of rectangular collimation

Rectangular collimation used to limit the scattering effects on image quality, and by eliminating the non-target area protected by radiation to the patient and the user (radiation protection).Suitable for use with medical diagnostic X-ray tube components whose voltage is no higher than 125kV.
X ray collimator is one of the advantages of using mini linear guide rail and ensuring high accuracy of motion.
rectangular collimation
And our rectangular collimation divided into manual type, three types of electric and automatic type, manual rectangular collimation is divided into NK102, NK103 and NK202 three kinds of models. Applicable to different types of X-ray machines.
The rectangular collimation of reliable performance, good radiation shielding, the function is all ready, the ball can rotate tube connection and quickly lock, with built-in filter switching device, unique way of blade drive, modular structure design, easy to assemble, to ensure product performance.
Therefore, our rectangular collimation can satisfy your different purchase demand.


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