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Technical engineers share the failure repair case of the collimator of the gastrointestinal machine

The customer has a gastrointestinal machine collimator that is broken, but is it not our company’s product that can be repaired? We said that the collimator can be repaired. The engineer went to the customer’s location to repair it. Let’s share the repair case with you.

The customer said that when the gastrointestinal machine vertically divides the film, there is repeated exposure, and the film is half normal and half blurred. Exposure under simulated vertical division conditions, it is found that the beam beam cannot be closed on the left and right sides. When the exposure is adjusted to four divisions, the collimator is closed up and down, but the left and right sides still cannot be closed. Under fluoroscopy conditions, manually adjust the collimator, the collimator can work normally. Therefore, the analysis is that the adjustment circuit of the collimator is faulty under the spot condition.

Open the cover under the film supply box and the film receiving box. There are five layers of circuit boards inside. According to the circuit board serial number indicated by the circuit icon, find the control module of the collimator up and down and left and right to be closed and opened. After disassembling it, there is no obvious appearance abnormality. Measure the components on the circuit board that control the up and down, left and right closed and open loops of the collimator, and expose under the vertical division condition. Check the closed and open status of the collimator. The left and right closed and open of the collimator have corresponding changes, so as to determine the fault as The 3VR resistance offset of the machine-controlled adjustment potentiometer. Replace the potentiometer of the same model, adjust the resistance value, re-test the machine, click the picture under the conditions of vertical division, horizontal division and four divisions, the image is normal, and the machine returns to normal.



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